By Natalie Chormann

People often ask me if eating healthy has to mean cutting carbs, to which I always reply: “If by cutting carbs they mean ‘slicing bread,’ then absolutely!” Bread is a staple in most people’s diets, but it gets a bad reputation for being an unhealthy carb. However, not all breads are created equal! Ezekiel bread has been all the rage lately and there’s good reason for it. Packed with nutrients and healthy, organic, whole grains, it’s the perfect way to health-ify your favorite sandwich without having to sacrifice your beloved bread. Here are a few of the many reasons people are making the switch to Ezekiel.

It’s full of fiber. Fiber tends to be lacking in most people’s diets and Ezekiel bread packs in about 4g of fiber per serving. Your body also digests fiber slowly, which helps to prolong the feeling of fullness after you eat, so you’re less likely to munch later.

It has no scary additives. That’s right, there are no unpronounceable ingredients here!  Just pure, good for you, whole grains: wheat, millet, barley and spelt to be exact, and legumes like soybeans and lentils.

It’s made from organic sprouted whole grains. While that may sound like generic healthy labeling, this actually makes a big difference. The process that yields sprouted grains results in higher nutrient levels and even less gluten in the bread.

It doesn’t have any added sugars. Most breads are full of added sugars (here’s looking at you processed white bread), but Ezekiel bread is actually completely void of any kind of sugary ingredients.

It packs a protein punch. With 18 amino acids, including all 9 essential amino acids, Ezekiel bread is a complete protein that comes in at about 5g of protein per slice. 73472002582_largeNot bad at all.


It’s easy to see why Ezekiel bread has everyone worked up; it just may be the healthiest bread on the market! While it does contain lower levels of gluten than some bread thanks to the sprouting process, Ezekiel bread does still contain gluten, so it is not for those who are Celiac. However, it is still a great option for those just trying to make more health-conscious choices in their daily lives. So next time you get the craving for avocado toast, which if you’re anything like me is pretty much daily, give Ezekiel bread a try! It’s a hearty and healthy way to upgrade your meals without having to sacrifice your beloved classics.