By: Adrienne Jack

What do you get when you throw together 190 calories, a little protein, sugar, and fiber, and some delicious flavor – all from sustainable sources? It’s a little thing called a ProBar, and it’s exactly what’s needed for nutrition on the go.

ProBar makes plant-based, non-GMO, organic snack products ranging from bars to spreads to variety packs of both, all created with care to energize the body and promote health. The company, born in 2004, strives to be the industry leader in health food choices. But are they succeeding? Here’s their story.

Where ProBar Began

Jeff Coleman, ProBar’s investor, was a self-confessed “eat whatever’s there” guy until he sought out a food coach in his home town, Park City, Utah, to get advice on better

Superfood Slam Meal Bar

nutrition. That’s when he first discovered ProBar at a local health store and, believing in its mission to provide sports nutrition bars with great taste, he got on board.

From there, the company grew into a big family of dedicated employees and a nationally-recognized brand. And its mission remains the same: to maintain commitment to quality, sustainability, and fantastic taste.

What’s on Offer?

ProBar doesn’t restrict itself to only one type of snack bar. You can choose from:

  • Nut Butters: In 10 distinct flavors, these are spreads like no other. They’re made with coconut oil, organic nuts, no added sugars, and Yerba Mate caffeine in four flavors.
  • ProBar Bite: The classic snack bar. These are quick, easy, and packed with the best ingredients – dairy, gluten, and soy free. You can grab any of six flavors, and ProBar also offers variety packs.
  • ProBar Meal: The whole food meal bars contain fruits, nuts, and seeds and can be used as a meal replacement rather than a quick fix. These provide even more lasting energy with raw ingredients and nutrient-dense calories.
  • ProBar Bolt: Specially made to boost sports performance, these organic superfruits are handy for anything from a morning workout to competing. They’re packed with electrolytes, B vitamins, and complex carbs.
  • ProBar Fuel: These minimally processed energy bars are a dreamy combination of fruits, nuts, and chia seeds, among the most nutritious seeds on the planet. Need we say more.
  • ProBar Base: Last but not least, this bar packs 20 grams of plant protein, chia and flax seeds, and comes in six delicious flavors. This one is ideal for strength building pre- and post-workout.



Coffee Crunch Base Bar with Caffeine

But They Don’t Stop There…

ProBar isn’t only dedicated to making high-quality, great tasting products – the company also commits to supporting its community’s endeavors and talents. ProBar sponsors individual athletes, sports teams, musicians, and healthcare specialists, to name a few. You can read their stories on ProBar’s website.

What sets ProBar’s products apart from other products in the crowded health food space is the company’s involvement with the local community and its ties to long-lasting core values. After all, a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about eating right – it’s about nurturing personal growth and having a positive impact on the earth and one another.

Sold on ProBars? The next step is to choose your flavor. (Hint: the best is peanut butter crunch. You didn’t hear it from us.)